Coronavirus - Information on bookings and cancellations


Yes, we’re still open!

First of all, we would like to wish all of our guests the best for this still difficult and extraordinary time. We hope you and your families stay healthy!

The figures on the course of the epidemic allow us to keep our doors open for all guests who are in the mood for the beautiful panorama of the Wilder Kaiser (and that are still allowed to travel). Entry from all neighboring countries is still possible without restrictions.

Since Austria and Tyrol have now been declared a risk area by several countries, the return journey is unfortunately not necessarily unproblematic. Some of the respective countries require negative corona tests or quarantine.

In the region, you can take Corona tests on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays at specially set up test stations.

Of course, we have also made provisions in our house and we do everything to make your stay with us as pleasant and safe as possible. Fortunately, as a small apartment house, it's relatively easy for us. All general areas of the house are disinfected regularly, you will also find hand disinfection opportunities in the house. Our hand disinfectant is made by the local pharmacy and is based on alcohol.

We were not idle during the extended season break. We have thoroughly cleaned all rooms, washed all textiles, painted the walls, replenished the storage and much more, so that the house shines like newly renovated and is only waiting for the long-awaited guests ...

We look forward to seeing you again and are waiting for life finally coming back to our house! Enjoy with us!



Bookings in times of Covid-19:

We understand if you are currently worried despite the current positive development. You may even consider cancelling your trip or not making a booking for the future. We too are aware of our social responsibility as hosts.

Since there are many rumors and speculations, we would like to clarify the situation for bookings and cancellations in times of corona:


The situation is confusing and new information is constantly being added. However, the numbers in Austria have now allowed us to open our doors and welcome our guests. Entry from all neighboring countries is again possible without restrictions.

We understand, of course, if you consider cancelling your holiday due to the current situation or if you are undecided whether you should book a holiday in the first place. Therefore you can rest assured:

If your arrival is not possible due to travel restrictions on your side or business suspension on our side, you are not obliged to pay any cancellation fees. We will either refund a deposit you have made or credit it to a future booking.

Of course, even without official restrictions, we do everything to find a good solution for both sides with all guests. However, we ask for your understanding that - since our borders are open again - we will generally apply our normal cancellation rules for cancellations of already booked stays.

If there are special circumstances, please let us know - we are all currently worried. If you are planning a stay with us, just send us an email and we will arrange a suitable solution for you in case the situation has not got better enough until your stay.

The full cancellation conditions for the "normal case" can be found in the AGBH.