Coronavirus - Information on bookings and cancellations


Season break until 26.04.2021 – what comes next?


We will have a break from the season until at least 26.04.2021 - what will happen after that?

First of all, we would like to wish you all the best for this extraordinary time. We hope you and your families stay healthy and get through the crisis unscathed!

We thank you for the encouragement and encouraging words that we have received so many times and wish you all all the best for the coming period and, above all, good health!

But how will it go on?


Our Ministry of Health has generally prohibited accommodation for tourist purposes until and including April 25, 2021 (with possible extension). If everyone continues to make an effort, adhere to the distance regulations, reduce social contacts to a necessary minimum and wear a mask in closed rooms, then hopefully the strict restrictions will continue to work and the number of infections will drop again.

If that is the case, then from April 26th 2021 we will open our doors again for all guests who want to and are allowed to come to Ellmau. It should be emphasized that so far (as of mid-April 2021) not a single infection of a guest in an accommodation establishment has been confirmed in the entire Wilder Kaiser region.

However, when entering Austria from the vast majority of countries in the world, there is currently a quarantine obligation of at least 5 days. Furthermore, an online registration (pre-travel clearance) must be completed before entering the country. The ordinance, which stipulates the quarantine, registration and tests, generally applies until March 31, 2021. You can find the latest information on the information page of our Ministry of Health.

Thus, we will probably have to wait a little longer for our guests.


Bookings and cancellations:

It looks like we're going to have to get used to the permanent presence of the virus. We all hope, of course, that an efficient and effective therapy will soon be found, ideally also a reliable and safe vaccination, so that we can return to normal mode from crisis mode.

Since there are many rumors and speculations about the possibility and cost of cancellation in the event of cancellations, we would like to explain the situation for bookings and cancellations to you:


If your arrival is impossible or unreasonable due to official travel, operating or return restrictions, you are not obliged to pay cancellation fees. This also applies in the event that at the time of travel a vacation is only allowed with proof of vaccination and you do not yet have one.

We will either refund you a deposit or credit it to a future booking.

Even without official restrictions, we will of course try to find a solution with all guests that suits both sides.


If there are any special circumstances, please let us know - we are all confused at the moment. So if you are planning a stay with us, simply write us an e-mail and we will agree on a suitable solution for everyone in the event that the situation does not relax or even worsens before your stay.