Coronavirus - this is how we stay healthy


Regelmäßige Mitarbeitertestung


Measures to protect against the virus


Dear guests,

the virus forces us to act in ways that we have never experienced before. This applies both to us as hosts and to you as guests.

You will find general information, also regarding safety rules in restaurants, shops and cable cars, on the website of the Wilder Kaiser tourist office.

In order to avoid infections in our house as far as possible, the following new rules have to apply until the victory over the virus.

 1. The rules for us:

  • We disinfect all generally accessible rooms and especially door handles, banisters, light switches, lift buttons etc. even more regularly.
  • We have provided hand disinfection in the house. Our hand disinfectant is made by the local pharmacy and is based on alcohol.
  • We keep a distance of at least one meter and are not allowed to shake hands to greet you.
  • We ventilate the house as often as weather permits.
  • When cleaning, we pay even more attention than before to thorough ventilation and meticulous disinfection of all switches, handles, remote controls etc.

2. The rules for you:

  • You keep a distance of at least one meter from other guests. People with whom you live in the same household or with whom you share an apartment at our place are excepted from this rule. You also use our lift accordingly.
  • You wear a mask indoors.
  • You preferably to pay cashless.
  • You follow the instructions of our staff regarding precautions to avoid infection.
  • When using the fitness room and children's playroom, you keep a distance of 2m from guests with whom you do not live in a household or who are accommodated together with you in one apartment.
  • If you suspect that you are infected, you immediately contact us by phone. You also call the Austrian Corona hotline with the 24h-emergency number 1450. Do not leave the apartment until the suspicion has been clarified.
  • Despite and because of these measures, you will enjoy your stay to the fullest ;)


We recommend that all of our guests use the free Stop Corona app of the Austrian Red Cross, which has been tested for data protection.

We kindly ask you to note that these rules of conduct are official directives which we MUST all adhere to, and failure to comply with them is subject to punishment. As your hosts, we are legally obligated to reprimand you in case of non-compliance and to notify the authorities if you persistently refuse to comply.

However, since we will certainly all adhere to the guidelines, your holiday will sometimes be different than usual, but it will certainly be a wonderful experience despite all the adversities.