Until June 30th, 2020: "Wilder Kaiser lucky gift"

Every guest who stays with us by June 30, 2020 will receive a € 25 credit for a rental e-bike on his / her guest card, which can be redeemed at all bike rentals in the region. With this "Wilder Kaiser lucky gift" our guests are offered an alternative to the KaiserJet, which starts this year on July 1st.


From 01.01.2020 we are heating with 100% biogas:

In order to further reduce our ecological footprint, on 01/01/2020 we are converting our entire gas supply to 100% biogas from local production. The gas is mainly obtained from food waste and in wastewater treatment.

We have already obtained our electricity from 100% hydropower. With the switch to biogas, all of the energy used in the Hubenhof will come from renewable and environmentally friendly sources.


Free use of all public transport with the Wilder Kaiser Guest Card:

Since May 2019, the use of all public buses in the region, travelling to Kufstein, Wörgl, St. Johann i.T. and Kitzbühel is included in your Wilder Kaiser Guest Card!

We can send you the free guest card via e-mail even before your arrival. All you need to do is to fill out the online check-in form. We can then send you the access link to your e-mail address and you can show your card to the bus driver on your mobile phone.

This way you can save money and protect the environment!


Certification of our efforts for sustainable tourism:

We are proud to announce that the Hubenhof is the first accommodation in the area of ​​the WilderKaiser Tourism Association to receive the Austrian Ecolabel and the EU Ecolabel.

These two certificates are the visible proof of our efforts to make our accommodation environmentally friendly, which we have already started with the general renovation of the house. Among others, these efforts are:

  • The use of ecologically friendly and low-emission construction materials in the renovation.
  • Various energy and water saving measures.
  • The use of an environmentally friendly cleaning system.
  • The provision of environmentally friendly consumables such as soap, detergents etc.
  • Conscious purchase and purchase of regional or fairly produced and fairly traded organic products.
  • Efficient waste separation.
  • ...and much more

We hope to make a difference with our efforts so that our children and grandchildren can still enjoy the fantastic nature of our region.