sutainable tourism


With over 40 million overnight stays a year, Tyrol is a very popular holiday destination. Beautiful nature, warm people and a well-developed infrastructure attract many guests of all ages to the Tyrolean mountains.

Tourism is thus the largest economic factor in the country and creates wealth. The infrastructure is improved and expanded where possible, and the range of attractions is be constantly being updated and further developed.

Nevertheless, tourism also has a downside. For too long a time, little attention was paid to the effects of tourism on the environment. Already when travelling to Ellmau, emissions are generated. The consumption of resources for tourist overnight stays is also much higher than that of the local resident population. Sometimes a piece of nature has to give way to the development of the infrastructure.

What can one do as individuals? What can a tourism company do to minimize the impact of tourism on the environment? Is there even a "gentle tourism" that is in harmony with nature?

Of course, we asked ourselves these questions when taking over the Hubenhof. We want to see the wonderful treasures of Tyrolean nature preserved for many generations to come, so that even in the distant future visitors can enjoy the beauty of our mountains.