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First mentioned in 1675, the Hubenhof (of "Hufe" or "Hube" = measure of the economic performance of a farm) has been owned by the family since 1857. Built as a farm house, the building was used for agriculture until the middle of the last century and for many years also housed the local dairy.

With the arrival of tourism to Ellmau, the agriculture was moved to the current farm on Wochenbrunnweg and the house was henceforth used to accommodate guests – initially all was very basic, with shared washrooms and toilets etc.

In 1978, Maria "Mariedl" and Friedrich "Friedl" Hager built the now existing building with its three floors for self-catering touristic rental. Right in the heart of Ellmau they created a milestone for the local tourist development with the Hubenhof.

Finally, in 1992, Maria and Friedrich Hager handed over the Hubenhof to their daughter Anna Leitner, who invested great passion and love and - together with her husband Johann – made holiday dreams come true for countless guests over two and a half decades. In 2008, the entrance area and the lift were built so now there is barrier-free access to all apartments and to the reception.

In the spring of 2017, your present hosts, Doris Brandstätter and Hannes Leitner, took over the Hubenhof and subjected the house to a general refurbishment so that you can now enjoy your holiday in the mountains in a modern, but tradition-conscious ambience.