what we do


  • Eco bonus for your resource-saving trip

    We offer an eco-bonus in the form of a discount of 10% on the room rate* to all our guests arriving by train or by public bus. Thus, we want to give you an incentive to use the well-developed offer of public transport while on holiday.

    You will find all information on getting from the train stations Wörgl, Kufstein or St. Johann to Ellmau here.

    * Calculation basis: accommodation price excl. local tax and final cleaning; only for direct bookings (no booking platforms); at least 90% of the distance residence-Ellmau have to be covered by train/bus by all travellers; only on presentation of the train/bus ticket.


  • Electricity from 100% hydropower

    We source our electricity 100% from Tyrolean hydropower and thus from a sustainable and environmentally friendly source.

  • Gas from 100% biogas production

    We get 100% of our gas from local biogas plants (mainly food waste exploitation and waste water treatment). So we heat the house and water with sustainable and renewable fuels.

  • Saving water

    In all showers, toilets and sinks we have installed "water brakes" that limit the maximum flow. Thanks to modern technology you will hardly notice the difference to an "unbraked" water pipe. We also refrained from installing bathtubs.


  • Environmentally friendly cleaning system

    We use a certified environmentally friendly cleaning system in our house. Not only are the detergents themselves environmentally friendly. Thanks to the precisely matched components, we can also save on the amount of cleaning agents used. That – as you will see – even increases the quality of the cleaning.


  • Environmentally friendly laundry

    The laundry used in the apartments is washed in a resource-friendly and hygienic way in a laundry awarded the Austrian Ecolabel.


  • Saving energy

    We have been able to reduce annual electricity consumption by about 15%, simply by installing energy-saving electrical appliances and using only LED lighting.

    We have now equipped all radiators with thermostatic sensors, and we hope that we will be able to further lower the gas consumption for heating.


  • Waste separation

    We ask all our guests to help us separate waste. Twice a week we take the recyclables to the local waste collection point and return paper/cardboard, metal, glass and plastic for further use.


  • Sustainable employee dismissal pay fund

    With the change in our dismissal pay fund, we are also taking steps towards sustainability in the statutory provisions for employee benefits. Our new contractual partner fair-finance (www.fair-finance.at) sees itself as a socially responsible company and thus corresponds to a high degree with our values. This is reflected in an asset assessment based on sustainability and social initiatives. The social responsibility of this employee dismissal pay fund was what led us to the decision to switch to fair-finance.ask all our guests to help us separate waste.