wilder kaiser nature reserve


The nature reserve Kaisergebirge covers an area of ​​92.6945 km ² and is in the territories of eight municipalities. It extends from an altitude of about 480m up to the highest point at the Ellmauer Halt with 2344m. It has been under protection following a referendum in 1963 and houses a particularly diverse montane, subalpine and alpine flora and fauna. It is home to rare species that are threatened with extinction in the Alps and that have found a large and partially unaffected area of ​​retreat in the nature reserve.

All our apartments are named after species found in the nature reserve. The dormouse (‘Siebenschläfer’) is a relatively common rodent and is native also to other parts of the Alps. In contrast, the peregrine falcon was almost going extinct in Austria until its protection in the early 1990s. If you walk through nature with open senses, you may be able to smell the sweet scent of the celeriac Alpenrose, which is rare in the Central Alps, or hear the excited whistle of the alpine marmot.

More information about the nature reserve can be found here.

In order to preserve this wonderful island of diversity, we ask all guests to keep in mind the uniqueness as well as the fragility of this natural jewel and to be careful and respectful of this treasure.